The Amazon Echo Frames 3rd Gen Are Coming!

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Amazon announced its Echo Frames 3rd Gen during its 2023 Devices & Services Event.

  • The next-gen Echo Frames are 15% thinner.
  • Amazon relocated internal technology from the front to the stems.
  • Amazon’s Echo Frames 3rd Gen offers up to six hours of usage at 80% volume.

On September 20th, Amazon showed off its Echo Frames 3rd Gen at its annual hardware event, Devices & Services Event 2023.

15% thinner, the new iteration has a longer battery life and supports multipoint pairing, allowing you to connect them to two devices at the same time. All for $269.99.

Amazon has relocated much of the internal technology from the front to the stems, resulting in a more discreet and conventional appearance. They are now considerably more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Good news, fellow bespectacled people! They offer options for prescription lenses and sunglasses! And for those who like a little more style to their eyewear, the company has partnered with eyewear maker Carrera to offer the “Carrera Smart Glasses” version, starting at $389.

The team redesigned the speaker driver and the open-ear audio architecture, so the sound is directed more toward your ears. The listening experience is then more balanced, clearer, and less distorted.

Amazon has invested in new custom-built speech processing technology to ensure Alexa responds promptly and accurately, even in noisy or windy conditions. These smart glasses support multipoint pairing, allowing you to connect to multiple audio devices simultaneously without the need to reach for your smartphone.

The battery life also got an upgrade. The Echo Frames are also IPX4 water-resistant and scratch-resistant, and capable of lasting up to six hours at 80% volume.

As far as the software is concerned, a new VIP Filter feature prioritizes essential notifications, so you don’t get bombarded with notifications.

The best part of the whole upgrade? Alexa now has a “find my smart glasses” feature to locate misplaced Echo Frames. Have you ever lost your glasses, but you need your glasses to see where you put them? I once looked for mine for like 3 hours, just to find them on the bathroom sink…. Yeah, a locator is a great idea.

Amazon is yet to announce an official release date for the Echo Frames but has allowed interested customers to sign up for pre-order notifications.

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