Keep Your Devices Battery Healthy!


Our laptops and smartphones are daily companions. When using these devices, we wonder: How can I keep the batteries healthy? Battery issues shorten lifespan. Here are pointers to preserve your laptop and phone battery!

Avoid Extreme Temperatures: 

Extreme heat or cold damages battery health. High temperatures degrade batteries, while cold temperatures reduce capacity temporarily. Store and use your laptop and phone between 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F).

Optimize Charging Habits:

Overcharging strains batteries. Unplug your laptop or phone when fully charged. Occasional deep discharge cycles calibrate the battery. Less stress on the electrodes leads to less degradation and, as a result, higher capacity for a more extended period.

Avoid Complete Discharge:

Partial charging is better for lithium-ion batteries. Draining the battery occasionally can be good, but don’t overdo it! Keep battery level between 20% and 80% for longevity. As previously mentioned, it is optimal, putting less stress on the battery.

Mindful Storage:

Before long-term storage, charge the battery to around 50%. Store in a cool, dry place. Recharge every few months. Humidity and temperature can affect the whole device, not only the batteries.

Avoid Overloading:

Running multiple resource-intensive apps strains batteries. Close unnecessary programs and disable power-hungry features. Minimize workload for longevity. Running demanding apps can cause the processor to heat up, pressuring the device and draining the battery.

Regular Updates: 

Keep operating systems up to date for battery health. Install power management updates promptly. An outdated operating system will make the device heat up. Making the tasks harder to complete, hence draining the battery.

Optimize Display Settings:

Adjust brightness, enable auto-brightness, and reduce screen timeout. Choose dark wallpapers on OLED screens. OLED screens consume more battery since they showcase extreme details.

Final Thoughts 

Simple practices keep laptop and phone batteries healthy, maximizing performance and lifespan. Avoid frequent replacements and promote eco-friendly tech usage for long-lasting battery performance.

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