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Whether you're planning outdoor activities or simply enjoying the sun, having the right tech gadgets for the summer enhance your experience.


Our laptops and smartphones are daily companions. When using these devices, we wonder: How can I keep the batteries healthy? Battery issues shorten lifespan. Here are pointers to preserve your laptop and phone battery! Avoid Extreme Temperatures:  Extreme heat or cold damages battery health. High temperatures degrade batteries, while cold temperatures reduce capacity temporarily. Store […]

Sci-Fi and the Future

Sci-Fi movies are a pillar of pop culture. You probably reference scenes from these movies daily. In previous eras, movies related to Sci-Fi and the future gained traction and popularity. Such movies made bold claims and introduced techs and gadgets that they hoped would be a reality in the future. Well, the events of one […]

Meta Hardware

With every new generation of technological innovation must come an evolution of hardware that brings it to life. Today’s Metaverse hardware is where cell phones were in the 1970s. Big, clunky, primitive, and barely useful enough for most people to bother buying. Fortunately, the incentive is high, the funding is even higher, and companies are […]