Apple Delays iPhone’s Final Cut Multi Camera App

Apple announced the M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro, it had exciting updates for Final Cut Pro and introduced a new app, Final Cut Multi Camera.

When Apple announced the new M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro last month, it also teased exciting updates for Final Cut Pro and introduced a new app called Final Cut Multi Camera.

The newly announced app promises professional camera controls for video shooting on the iPhone. Apple mentioned that Final Cut Multi Camera would be available “later this spring,” but we haven’t heard any more details since then.

Final Cut Multi Camera Features

The iPad parent describes Final Cut Camera as an “all-new video capture app” that allows creators to “wirelessly connect and remotely direct each video angle with powerful pro controls.” Although initially presented as a companion tool for the iPad, the app will also function independently on the iPhone.

Final Cut Camera offers a range of professional controls:

  • Adjustments for white balance and manual focus
  • Monitoring zebras and audio levels
  • ISO and shutter speed controls
  • Easy switching between resolutions and video formats

When paired with an iPad, the app mirrors the iPhone’s camera, allowing users to control settings from the larger screen while the iPhone is on a tripod.

Integration With Multi Camera Editing Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Multi Camera is expected to be released alongside new versions of Final Cut Pro for both iPad and Mac. These updates will introduce features such as Live Multicam and support for external storage workflows on the iPad, as well as AI-based tools on the Mac.

When Will Final Cut Camera Be Released?

As noted by TikTok creator Chris Carley, spring in the U.S. ends today as summer begins on June 20, and Apple has yet to provide an update on the app’s availability, raising notable questions on whether Apple has postponed the launch of its new app.

While the exact reasons for the delay are unclear, one possible scenario is that the giant is waiting for the release of iOS 17.6, currently available as a beta, to launch the new Final Cut Camera and the updated Final Cut Pro.

Options to Consider in the Meantime

Until Final Cut Camera is available, users can try apps like Blackmagic Camera, which also offers professional controls for shooting Video with an iPhone and is free in the App Store. Blackmagic Camera provides a range of features that are highly beneficial for video creators, including advanced settings for exposure, focus, and audio, as well as options for different frame rates and resolutions. This makes it an excellent tool for both beginners and experienced videographers looking to enhance their video production quality. Additionally, the app’s user-friendly interface ensures that users can quickly learn and make the most of its capabilities, making it a valuable alternative while awaiting the release of Final Cut Camera.

Final Thoughts

Apple’s Final Cut Multi Camera app can be very useful for video creators, filmmakers, and content producers who want professional-grade video controls and seamless integration with Apple devices. It can enhance the quality of their work and streamline their workflow, making video production more efficient and high-quality.

Even though its release has been delayed, people are still excited. Meanwhile, other apps like Blackmagic Camera can help improve video shooting skills. As we wait for the official launch, it’s clear that Apple is dedicated to advancing video technology, promising exciting times for creators everywhere.

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