Former Google AI researcher to join FTC

In the growing battle between federal agencies and the Big Tech league, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will welcome former Google AI researcher Meredith Whittaker to its force as a senior advisor on artificial intelligence (AI).

The researcher revealed on Wednesday on Twitter that it will redirect its career path towards the governmental entity.

Whittaker worked for the search engine giant for 13 years before exiting the company for good in 2019, after realizing that the company’s morals are not oriented towards her AI ethics work.

The former Google AI researcher left her position after leading protests over the tech titan’s approach in handling sexual harassment allegations while openly expressing her discontent with Google’s Maven Project with the Pentagon’s Department of Defense (DoD).

According to The Information, Whittaker has not been officially hired, as the Commission is still conducting its background check. Once approved, she will contribute with much-needed experience and input as to how the software developer titan develops its AI technology and the ethical policies that come with it.

The former worker was one of the leading advocates against Google’s AI development for military purposes. She addressed the ethical aspect of the firm’s conduct, saying that it only showcased the “appearance of an inclusive debate, rather than seriously contending with the problems in the company,” she said in a statement at the time.

If succeeded, the FTC will weaponize its department with in-house insight as it mainly directs its focus on some of the leading tech companies in the industry and their antitrust conduct.

The latest announcement is a forthright acknowledgment that governmental entities are seeking to impose even harsher scrutinizing regulations on the industry by acquitting technical knowledge and unmediated work experience directly from the Big Tech workers.

The Commission’s present administration appears to be persistent in its search for tech experts to work at the federal entity. A tactic that will elevate the department’s ability to break down Big Tech supremacy.