Free Senegal and Comviva collaborate to bring Free Money

Free Senegal and Comviva collaborate to bring Free Money

Free, Senegal’s second largest mobile service provider is pushing to deliver a world class digital money service for its customers, in partnership with Comviva’s mobiquity Money, the world’s largest mobile payment platform. Deployed in over 45 countries with more than 60 developments, mobiquity Money will bring the industries best practices and expertise to the table, and help drive the project to customers in Senegal.

Since its launch in 2014, Free Money has offered a wide variety of digital financial services such as mobile credit recharge, merchant payments, bill payments and money transfer, transitioning from an incumbent platform to new mobiquity Money.

 Free Money is one of the leading mobile money services in Senegal owed to the scalability of mobiquity Money, maintaining a high service availability and uptime, and allowing for the rapid testing and addition of new products and features, customer growth, and accelerated transactions.

Chief Executive Officer at Free Senegal, Mamadou Mbengue, expressed how the company is advancing its goals of democratizing digital financial services and enhancing customer experience by replacing their incumbent platform with a wider array of financial services. This helps facilitate further innovation in products, as well as testing and launching new and better financial services to their customers.

Head of Africa Region at Comviva, Anil Krishnan said that mobiquity Money has proved to be a feature-rich, flexible and scalable platform deployed in five continents and are eager to bring their financial services to Free Money customers in Senegal.  Providing a fluid payment experience, the platform would enable Free money to accelerate its growth through introductions of further financial service innovations.

Globally, Free Money serves over 110 million customers and handles over 6.5 billion transactions annually, amounting to around $130 billion. It serves to merge customer touch points through interoperability with merchants, banks, billers, and third party payment systems seamlessly.