GITEX Tech Week 2021 concludes with a promising look into the technological future

The ultimate tech festival gave its last farewells to innovations, firm representatives, and intrigued visitors.

From day one till the end, the emergence of technology was a breath-catching voyage taking us to the depths of innovation while modernizing our visualization of what the future holds for us.

 Tech companies from all around the globe centered the stage with their digital vision with a widespread technology manifestation taking control of all senses as you roam around the innovative spectacle.

From Etisalat’s robots nurse, “Maira” the robot that can witness and sense its surrounding, NDS’ medical robot that navigated visitors experience, to flying drones, such as Reliable’s robotic surveillance dog drone, and one that would swap human interference, GITEX’s robots had a huge impression on the world’s digital evolution.

In parallel, the air of rivalry surrounded the atmosphere as a battle for excellence was immerging in the digital hub with a multitude of booths illuminating their latest inventions. Big Tech giant Microsoft took center stage with its modern booth that hosted many of the giant’s partners while presenting a diversified selection of tech solutions.

As one of the leading players in the telecommunication sector, Du also commemorated its presence at GITEX Week. Position humanity at the heart of technology and innovation by switching its approach to dealing with humans and societies.

With its campaign, #PoweredbyHumans, the Dubai-based telco elevated the standards of our day-to-day activities to reach the highest level of entertainment to simplify lives. Du’s 5G mining innovation will replace human efforts by enabling skilled labor to work with comfort far from the main site by remotely controlling any mining vehicle in location.

But the journey did not end there as some of the main companies in the tech league also bestowed the festival with their appearances. Companies from all around the globe, such as Huawei, Epson, Toshiba, Ericson, and so much more, staged their booths to infiltrate visitors’ curiosity with their advanced technology.

Chinese manufacturer Huawei displayed a prototype model of its 5G vision to digitalize oil and gas, while electronic company Epson unveiled its latest solutions to raise awareness to heighten the influence technology might have on societies, especially in the Middle East.

On the other side of the festival’s arena, leading Japanese manufacturer Toshiba centered the stage with operational data storage solutions directed at MENA for a memorable digital expansion for various sectors.

As visitors roamed their way through the event, GITEX offered a comely landscape to admire. Innovation stirred creativity and the love for creation as a variety of smart city models showcased the futuristic vision of what townships would look like.

With DEWA’s smart city hologram developed to help local governmental agencies detect infrastructure threats, Du’s 5G modernization of law enframement vehicle with its sell-driving patrol car, and Dubai’s preview of a smart city, GITEX delivered a comprehensive digital experience covering all aspects of life.

Promising partnerships were sowed between GITEX’s barriers as some of the most prominent digital forces share the same ideology of digitalizing tomorrow’s outline to refurbish cities into smart ones.

Dubai’s tech venture included coding classes showcased at some of the companies’ booths to help build the next generation by setting the first stone into creating the engineers of the future. 

The city of building human connections with digital innovation to create a supreme metropolitan of the future closed its 2021 journey by welcoming present and future tech lovers in 2022 when it returns with its sophisticated solutions and creations.