Hidden Gems of Apple Products that Satisfy Your Needs  

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It’s of no surprise that Apple has programmed their fans to eagerly wait for September for the release of its advanced products. Is it a coincidence that Apple’s release dates for iPhones happens in September? 

The highest selling Apple product according to the website Business of Apps is the iPhone. It’s been the most valuable Apple product since 2008 and is responsible for 52% of Apple’s revenue. 

The iPhone 15 Line

The iPhone 15 will not only include new and advanced features, but this year Apple decided on new colors: pink, yellow, green, along with the classic blue and black models. The advancements that took place are a leap in the Apple and tech world.  

While still speaking highly of the appearance of the iPhone let’s discuss their advanced camera. A feature that highly sparked the interest of consumers, especially fathers who take horrible pictures of their GenZ children, is the 48MP Main camera which paves an easier manner to capture portraits. The camera feature automatically captures the moment and turns it into a stunning picture. This is due to the extremely high- resolution photos and 2X Telephoto, which is the equivalent of having a third camera. 

With the improved performance of the powerful A16 Bionic, we have a USB-C connector which allows two iPhone devices to connect three times stronger. This also aids in allowing the battery to last longer. 

An interesting feature that still has some downsides in the iPhone 15 is the connection to the American Automobile Association (AAA). This feature is due to ‘Building’ on Apple’s innovative satellite infrastructure.  

But! I have a question for Apple: what about the rest of the world? If one would include such a feature, then why not include every nation with the purchasing capacity for the iPhone 15? 

Many changes in the features of the Apple watch took place. Features such ‘Find My friends’ have become more precise with this model. Another new feature that was introduced is the experience of using 5G by eSim. This feature is supported by over 295 countries. 

Apple Watch Series 9 

Another Apple product that needs to be paired with the extravagant iPhone 15 or any iPhone is the Apple Watch Series 9. According to the iPhone parent, the Apple watch Series 9 is the world’s best-selling watch. I bet after this comment Rolex is crying in a corner.   

The Series 9 System in Packaging (S9 SiP) allows the watches to take the lead over its predecessors. S9 SiP is a chip that allows the watch to perform faster and be able to comprehend and handle AI tasks that are envisioned harder than the others. This paved the way for new and improved features to exist, such as precision in finding your iPhone, faster on-device Siri, and the remarkable double tap.  

The redesigned apps such as, Smart Stack, hiking features, and tools to support mental health are a result of the use of watchOS 10 which Apple watch Series 9 runs on.  

Physicality matters when accessorizing, and that’s why Apple Watch Series 9 has significantly improved the watch’s features but the colors of the band match those of the iPhone 15. Is Apple marketing these products together submissively? I think they are. 

Are odd numbers Apple’s lucky ones? We’ll have our answer when the iPhone 15 and Apple Watch series 9 are tested by their biggest critics, their fan base. 

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