Ho Ho Ho, Here Is Your Christmas Card Created by AI

If you've procrastinated on your Christmas card, guess what – AI has you covered this year! Your AI Christmas Cards are here!

If you’ve procrastinated on your Christmas card, guess what – AI has you covered this year! Your AI Christmas Cards are here!

You can use artificial intelligence to create your card instead of taking a million pictures to get the perfect one. With a little perseverance, anyone can utilize the technology available today to turn written prompts and images into completely made-up, occasionally anatomically strange, pictures.

Your card will be as authentic as your friends’ and be artificial. However, this artificial card has its positives: it’s merry and still conveys the same value and message.

Even if you can’t express your feelings in person, AI enables you to do so. It gathers distant relatives in a single setting, takes you on trips you couldn’t afford, and even allows you to transform into an elf. Essentially, AI is digital drag; it lets you tell your story without being limited by the constraints of time and space.

How to Generate the AI Christmas Card

Creating AI Christmas cards may seem less time-consuming, but it all depends on your desired outcome and the tools you use. There are three separate commercial AI tools, each with a small learning curve and a price tag. The key is that the more information you provide to the AI, the better options you will have!

The first step is to open ChatGPT. Ho ho ho, you knew that, but it’s true! Go ahead and type, “make me a whimsical family Christmas card.” That’s how you interact solely with OpenAI’s image-generating AI, DALL-E 3. You might get an image that isn’t related to what you requested, but then you simply type, “Try again.”

The technology sifts through mountains of training images, attempting to find statistically average responses to my prompt, without truly understanding the concepts of AI Christmas cards or even a single snowman.

The advantage of creating with this technology is that you can be as specific as possible to get exactly what you want. For instance, if you type in, “I want to be standing with Santa as his elf and have 11 fingers on each hand,” it will generate that for you!

  1. Open ChatGPT (DALLE-E 3): Type, ‘make me a family Christmas card.’: Type ‘Try again’ if the image is not what you wanted.
  2. Go to Prisma Lab’s Lensa: Upload ten to twenty selfies to generate AI avatar photographs of individuals in distinctive styles.
  3. Adobe Photoshop (Generative Fill): You’re supposed to have your faces on your chosen background, with a simple ‘put them together’.

The only issue is that…

The AI version would feature a face that’s not recognizable as any specific individual, which addresses the actual issue. DALL-E prohibits intentionally recreating the likeness of a real person, acting as a safeguard against deepfakes. Deepfakes are images created to cause harm or deceive by using the likeness of another person.

The outcome, you ask?

The last step is to have your faces on your chosen background, with a simple ‘put them together’ step. For this one, you will need to resort to Photoshop. This year, the beloved photo-editing software debuted a feature called “Generative Fill,” which allows you to choose which portions of an already-taken image you want AI to create.

Use Photoshop to cut out the heads from the Lensa images, then use Generative Fill to stitch the heads together in a more realistic manner in the DALL-E image generator. I filled in and fixed additional minute details, using that tool as well.

Is it worth it?

You end up receiving your AI Christmas cards three AIs later.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that you could waste a lot of free time and $49 from your pocket that could have gone to buying a Christmas gift under $50.

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