How Can You Check Traffic on the Competitor’s Website?

For most websites, the number of visitors plays a significant role in the online business’s success, regardless of the website subject. The more visitors you have, the more sales will be executed on the product page, or more subscribers will follow your blog.

When you start the website, you need a lot of traffic; you need to gain backlinks as much as possible. You will be more interested in the returned visitors and targeted audience in further stages. If you start your online business or do not understand why your website does not attract Clients, you will be recommended to perform SEO analysis.

Importance of Website Traffic

SEO analysis is a website optimization process to receive a higher rank from search engines. As search engines (Google, for example) rank website basis on many parameters, SEO consists of on-page SEO (keywords, quality, and originality of the content, images, and internal links), off-page SEO (backlinks leading to your website, quality of your brand) and technical SEO (all technical parameters leading to improve downloading your website for better crawling). All performed actions based on SEO analysis lead to higher ranking and more organic traffic. Therefore, website traffic is the best indicator of website popularity.

If you are a beginner, then checking the competitor’s traffic is an excellent solution to get some tips on increasing your website’s traffic. Also, you can check whether your product is popular, current trends, and how better it should be presented. All researchers on competitor websites are part of technical SEO. Information about website traffic you can gain by several tools.

Tools for Checking Website Traffic

Typically, there are two types of tools – for free or using money.

The easiest way to measure the traffic is to use numerous paid tools available on the Internet. Most of them are paid and provide deep analysis of visitors’ preferences and geolocations. The most popular resources are SimilarWeb, SerpStat, SemRush, and Ahrefs. Some have limited free access, a trial period, or extended paid versions.

You can receive, as a result, the report with the following data:

  • source of the traffic (there are several types of traffic – paid, social, referral, direct, and organic – where organic is the most important one);
  • traffic statistics for the determined period of time;
  • type of user device for visiting the website;
  • average time spent on the website;
  • depth of the visits;
  • the list of backlinks to the website.

Among the paid tools, one of the cheapest solutions is Shine Ranker, which, within paid subscription (starts from $75 per month, but they have a trial period) for SEO analysis checking domain traffic. In the dashboard of this tool, you need to choose the traffic checker and enter the URL. But you will get limited information only about monthly searches, average time, and current ranks. On the other hand, SemRush provides much more information, but its starting price for SEO analysis with competitor analysis and website audit is $120 per month.

If you are not ready to pay, there are also some free tools. One of them is a website traffic checker that gives you five attempts for traffic analysis per day (more daily attempts can be purchased starting from $19 per month, the paid subscription gives complete SEO analysis), which is enough for a beginner. The resource uses open statistics from LiveInternet platform, Yandex.Metrica and Alexa. You do not need to download any apps or insert personal data; the traffic analysis is requested on the official website, and the report will be provided there. You can also visit the source of information, LiveInternet, to check the website analytics there. In both ways, you will receive in the chart form and tables information about daily, weekly or monthly traffic, clicks analysis on key requests, banners, or ads. In some rare cases, websites put web counters on the landing pages.

Recently, SimilarWeb published a free extension on the market, allowing users to get monthly traffic statistics, type of traffic, and visitor’s country of origin (or location used by their VPN servers). It supports several browsers – Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, Opera, and Google Chrome. This extension also shows how the website is ranked in different countries and industrial areas; average duration of visit, ranks of the competitors, main interests of the visitors, backlinks, and many more. For free, you will receive basics for each parameter; to receive more detailed information, you need to create a paid account.

You can combine tools to receive more precise and profound results. As a paid version mainly provides more reliable results that can be referenced. Also, tools can show different results; some are only estimations (as price per click on the link or keyword difficulty), so you need always analyze all metrics.


The website owner should remember that most search engines reward the site for satisfying their algorithms. To be aware of the basics, you need at least to check how your competitors perform and what traffic they receive in revert. To obtain the highest appreciation, you need to perform a full-size SEO analysis of your website. Website traffic is not a constant value; it changes based on your posts, the quality of products, and Client satisfaction. Therefore, the proper website owner constantly checks their own and competitors’ traffic by one of the described tools.

Using these statistics, you will monitor best-selling ideas and speculate cases. The most important output is that you can analyze keywords that lead to the highest traffic (one page can be linked with numerous keywords), and at the end, you can post some supportive content or create a page about this topic as well. But do not copy the material, as you will be banned for the stolen and non-original content. The overall recommendation is to start from free tools, analyze their results and change your website accordingly. These actions may be enough to increase popularity and conversion on your website. In the future, when you want to expand, you will pay for more in-depth reports.

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