smart cities impact

Smart cities, cognitive cities’ predecessors, as a concept, are not as brand new as you might think. In fact, in 1974, Los Angeles created the first urban big data project, “A Cluster Analysis of Los Angeles,” fast forward to 1994, and Amsterdam hopped on the wagon with a virtual digital city, “De Digital Stad” (DDS), […]

business corporate card

If you’re looking to optimize your corporate card spending, there are various things you can consider to help you more accurately outline your business corporate card spending policy, and ensure your company is managing card spending effectively. In this article, we’ve put together five of the best practices to help you manage corporate card spending. […]

Accessibility in business

Unfortunately, much of today’s world was built to cater to non-disabled people. Nevertheless, society has become more aware of this solemn fact in recent decades. As a result, communities worldwide have been making places in their spaces for people with health conditions and impairments. With that said, what constitutes a disability is still stigmatized and […]

For most websites, the number of visitors plays a significant role in the online business’s success, regardless of the website subject. The more visitors you have, the more sales will be executed on the product page, or more subscribers will follow your blog. When you start the website, you need a lot of traffic; you […]

5g core networks powering digitalization

5G core networks powering digitalization are helping industries cut costs, bring in new sources of revenue, and expand their business offerings. The utility sector is one such vertical, evolving from a labor-intensive organization that provides electricity, water, or gas, to one that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and drones to inspect equipment and offers additional services […]

Goldman Sachs Platform

Goldman Sachs Group Inc lost $3.03 billion in nearly three years on its platform solutions business that houses transaction banking, credit card and financial technology businesses. This is the first time that Goldman has given a detailed look into the financials for the consumer and fintech arms that were intended to diversify the Wall Street […]

digital transformation is essential for business growth

Digital transformation has become one of the most important trends in the corporate world. The most successful companies in today’s digital world are those that develop a comprehensive digital strategy and are prepared to make the changes necessary to realize their goals. So, why is digital transformation essential for business growth? Businesses realize the importance of […]

UX matters

Any startup will likely tell you that garnering success as a new venture is challenging. Despite this, though, every business has to start somewhere. What matters for startups and businesses that are still in their infancy? User experience – or UX for short. It’s just one of many elements that contribute to the growth of […]