Microsoft Outlook Can Now Write Your Emails (Pity They Can't Read Them, Too) 

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Microsoft announced that Outlook will soon write emails for you using AI like a breeze. It will suggest text for your emails depending on the content of your conversation and your way of writing.  

So, you can both save your time and write effectively. And oh, by the way, you can personalize your text before hitting send. Wait, let me break down the benefits of Outlook’s AI-powered email writing feature. 

  • Saving your precious time, so that you don’t start from scratch every SINGLE time.  
  • Writing more effectively, Outlook will provide more persuasive and engaging emails.  
  • Error- free emails? No, it can’t guarantee 100% error ones, but it reduces errors by correcting grammar and spelling errors.  

Meet Copilot, the multitasker!   

The AI-powered “copilot” will help edit, summarize, create, and compare documents. It is assembled on the same technology that supports ChatGPT.  

Count with me, Microsoft 365 users, you will be able to: One, summarize meetings. Two, create suggested follow-up action items. Three, oh it is the major one here: You can create a specific chart in Excel and transform a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation within seconds.  

Still in the testing phase.

The tool is set to become accessible to additional corporate customers as of November 1. It has undergone extensive testing over several months with clients such as Visa, General Motors, KPMG, and Lumen Technologies. 

Fun fact, that Microsoft 365 Chat was previously called Business Chat.  

To all chief executives and officers, (who are not used to writing emails) because you had assistants to write for you instead. Microsoft Outlook is going to be your tireless assistant, that won’t get fed up with you or even get embarrassed about struggling on how to insert your ideas into a proper professional group of words.  

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