Will Twitter Remain an Important Social Media Platform?

how important is Twitter

Since tech billionaire Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the platform and its users have been taken on a wild ride. Based on research by ExpressVPN, a virtual private network and cybersecurity company, Twitter has been in a constant state of change.

With news of layoffs, firings, and Twitter users abandoning their accounts for alternative platforms like Mastodon, it’s easy to see why people are starting to believe that these are some of Twitter’s final years.

Twitter Users Remain Loyal

However, it’s worth noting that despite the tumultuous ongoings at the company, Twitter still has over 354 million active users, and 260 million of them log onto the platform daily. In fact, according to research firms Apptopia and Sensor Tower, Musk’s recent acquisition has sparked new interest in the medium. It’s understandable as well that many of its users—both new and old—are curious about what Musk’s takeover will mean for the platform.

Although some former Twitter users have migrated to Mastodon, an open-sourced alternative, reports have revealed that it’s also struggled to retain users. That said, it’s clear that no other microblogging site can quite match up to Twitter and the experience offered throughout the years.

Diversity Is Important

In recent years, Twitter has also grown to become a platform for a diverse range of opinions and backgrounds. Many Americans have used Twitter to express their thoughts and emotions about their country’s political ongoings and social issues. While it might be a contentious topic, Twitter has now earned a reputation for being a platform where people can express their opinions and understand the views of others, even if they don’t necessarily agree with them.

In fact, many of the platform’s loyal users are fans of Musk’s approach to reinstating formerly banned or suspended accounts that didn’t break the law. For some, Musk’s vision for Twitter’s future aligns with their belief in free speech and helps make it more balanced.

Like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, Twitter also uses an algorithm to determine the sort of content you’d like to see in its “For You” stream. However, casual users will know that, occasionally, they’ll still experience cross-cutting exposure to differing viewpoints.

It’s the Fastest Way News Gets Around

One thing Twitter can say for sure is that no other social media platform operates the same way it does. Multiple news outlets and journalists use Twitter as a way to disseminate information quickly, with many reporters taking advantage of the Tweet thread function to report on developments of ongoing stories. While Instagram and TikTok are great for sharing news and entertainment videos, it’s not as user-friendly as Twitter, and the nature of the platforms themselves don’t quite make it the right environment for sharing news.

Most recently, Twitter has revamped its signature blue feature that allows users to verify their accounts if they pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. By introducing these verification processes, the micro-blogging platform is ensuring that its users are able to discern real information from fake ones. This move sets Twitter apart from its competitors.

False information and fake news are just one of the many things social media platforms struggle with preventing and moderating, which is why it’s good that Twitter is seeking to prevent them on its site.

It’s difficult to determine what the future will hold for Twitter. However, given how many users remain loyal to the platform and its introduction of new features, it will likely continue to stay relevant and grow in importance over time.

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