solutions to electricity crisis in South Africa

I’m sitting in a house in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg having just heard President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation address to the South African Parliament and obviously, the rest of the country on TV. The main agenda was solutions to the electricity crisis in South Africa. And I can’t quite believe what I’ve […]

NEOM project in KSA

The dazzling imagery of a ‘one building’ city called The Line. The awesome vision of a massive manufacturing and logistics hub floating on water. And the jaw-dropping moment when Trojena was awarded the Winter Olympics. These are the elements that are capturing the world’s attention about the NEOM project in KSA. And in many ways, […]

Women in Telecom

In the past decade, women’s engagement in various sectors increased through entrepreneurship or leading any position in companies and businesses. In a male-dominated society, the female presence encourages the role women can play in reshaping the fundamental structure of any sector. With the global technological drive, that role is also accentuated in the tech industry. […]

Promoting Innovation

Payment gateways have become the backbones of the incipient cashless economy, playing an indispensable role in connecting the financial world with consumers. Yet to guarantee the success of such a central division in the economic sphere, having a distinctive sense of leadership is crucial. Noel Moukheiber’s leadership skills are the fuel driving his team’s transformation […]


We have all been involved in webinars that may not have been the best. Although everyone tries hard to make them interesting, sometimes they simply fall short of the mark. However, webinars don’t have to be like that, they can be informative and interesting at the same time. Let us take a look at how […]

Best Places for Digital Nomad

We no longer need to confine ourselves to the four walls of an office as modern technology has allowed the working force to operate remotely from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a stable Wi-Fi connection. The best places for digital nomads are scattered across the globe.   Those of us […]

Blockchain Summit

First organized in 2019, the Eurasia Blockchain summit gathers key industry players from Central Asia, the Middle East, and several European countries. This blockchain technology summit allows the attendees to share the latest advancements in the field with like-minded individuals, from industry leaders and investors to blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Additionally, this event has set […]

China Telecom Building Fire

On Friday afternoon, September 16th, a massive fire broke out in the China Telecom building, a regional office in China’s Hunan province in South-Central China.  A 218m building, 42-story structure completed in 2000 and is located near a major ring road in Changsha, a city with a population of around 10 million individuals.  As thick […]