The Launch of the First Global Gaming and Esports Zone in Saudi Arabia Is Underway

The Esports zone is larger than 500,100 square meters, of which 100,000 are devoted to dining, entertainment, and gaming sales.

KSA‘s first global gaming area Esports zone is larger than 500,100 square meters, of which 100,000 are devoted to dining, entertainment, and gaming sales, aiming to provide an environment conducive to living, working, and playing.

The opening of an esports and video game zone in the Qiddiya region has been announced by the CEO of Qiddiya Investment Company. This zone is the world’s inaugural multi-use gaming and esports zone, intended to draw players from across the globe and bolster Saudi Arabia’s position as a global gaming and esports hub.

The region’s announcement represents an expansion of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s backing for the video game and esports industries. Manifest examples of this support are the National Gaming and Esports Strategy and other programs designed to achieve the Kingdom’s objectives in an area that piques the interest of two-thirds of the populace.

The two sectors expanding at the fastest rates, according to Abdullah bin Nasser Aldaoud, Managing Director of Qiddiya Investment Company, are esports and gaming. Saudi Arabia intends to grow and progress this industry. It will be our duty to organize and conduct significant contests and events. A thriving esports and gaming hub that is accessible to everyone looking to live, learn, and compete will be constructed in Qiddiya City.

Al-Daoud further added, “The gaming and esports zone of Qiddiya is not solely for esports professionals; it’s inclusive of all e-gaming enthusiasts, regardless of category or age. It’s a realm that transforms the world of gaming and esports into reality, fostering a sense of true belonging within the gaming and esports community.”

The zone will encompass an area exceeding 500,000 square meters, allocating 100,000 square meters for toys, food, and leisure. Its objective is to establish a place where people can live, work, and play while providing superior lodging options that are catered to the needs of the neighborhood.

The zone will house four elite stadiums that will be constructed to the highest requirements in order to host the largest sporting events in the business each year. With three stadiums that can accommodate 5,300 spectators each, these locations are expected to have a utilized seating audience of 73,000, making them the three largest esports venues in the world. The most extensive LED display will be featured indoors.

The zone will provide housing for up to 25 global esports teams, providing for their training, competition, and housing needs. It also intends to provide over 30 regional headquarters for top developers and welcome industry leaders. This project supports the country’s plan to position Saudi Arabia as a major global hub for gaming and esports by 2030, with the potential to attract as many as ten million tourists a year.

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