Saudi Arabia

For years, the conversation about global population has been about our impending inability to feed ourselves, because there’ll be too many of us. Then the narrative changed to the reverse; a population implosion and the average age of humankind reaching into the non-productive 60’s. These have been the headline grabbers. And they’ve been legitimate, too. […]

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Huawei opened a cloud data centre in KSA in a bid to grow its online services in MENA, uncovering the latest bid on Saudi Arabian contracts.

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Saudi Crown Prince MBS’s new venture in the Saudi Arabian desert is a series of greenhouses the size of New York’s Central Park.

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KSA signed a strategic agreement with Turkish defence firm Baykar Tech to localise drone manufacturing in The Kingdom.

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Saudi Arabian Mining Company, Ma'aden, has agreed to acquire a 10% stake in Brazil's base metals company Vale.

Dear Tom We’ve held our breath while you cavorted around the world’s tallest structure, Dubai’s mighty Burj Khalifa. We searched for any trickery involved when you hung on to the exterior of an Airbus military carrier in flight. Searched in vain, I might add, it turns out you were really hanging on. No green screen […]

Yesterday it was announced that 22 renewable energy plants will be built in Europe, generating 2.2 gigawatts. This will serve a million households. To achieve the same wattage with legacy power generation would take 1.4 billion tonnes of burning coal. But if you have a picture in your head of a coal mountain when you […]

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Saudi Arabia’s real purpose behind its recent milestones in the space sector demonstrates its commitment to diversifying its economy.