UAE Introduces Jais Chat, a New Arabic Chatbot

To outshine its regional rivals, particularly Saudi Arabia, UAE has unveiled a cutting-edge bilingual Arabic and English chatbot, Jais Chat.

In a strategic move to outshine its regional rivals, particularly Saudi Arabia, the UAE has unveiled a cutting-edge bilingual Arabic and English chatbot, Jais Chat.

Developed by Core42, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi’s AI and cloud company G42, this app underscores the UAE’s ambition to lead in technological advancements within the GCC.

Available for free on iPhone devices, Jais Chat is proficient in both Arabic and English, showcasing an Arabic-centric model that enhances the processing of Arabic text. This launch marks a significant step in prioritizing Arabic, a language spoken by approximately 400 million people worldwide but previously overlooked in the early stages of AI development.

Andrew Jackson, Executive Vice President and Chief AI Officer at Core42, highlighted the chatbot’s unique capabilities. “Jais Chat is engineered with an Arabic-first approach, reshaping how bilingual users interact with technology. With this mobile version, we are furthering our mission to democratize AI access globally,” he stated.

The app leverages the “Jais 30B” model, which is trained on an extensive dataset comprising 126 billion Arabic tokens, 251 billion English tokens, and 50 billion code tokens. In AI terminology, tokens are the basic units of text used for processing, and higher token counts generally lead to more refined and accurate results.

The capabilities of Jais Chat go beyond mere text translation or generic responses. It is engineered to deliver superior performance in Arabic language processing, providing accuracy that rivals top-performing English language models of similar size. This level of precision makes it an invaluable tool for users seeking reliable and contextually accurate AI interactions in Arabic.

Looking ahead, Core42 has ambitious plans for the evolution of Jais Chat. Future iterations of the chatbot will include features such as document processing, voice conversation capabilities, and enterprise support. These enhancements are aimed at broadening the functionality of Jais Chat to serve not just individual users but also businesses seeking customized AI solutions.

“The potential of Jais Chat extends into various sectors, from education where it can assist in language learning, to customer service where it can provide seamless support in multiple languages,” Jackson added. This versatility is part of why Jais Chat is positioned as a key player in the global AI market.

Moreover, the chatbot is named after the UAE’s highest peak in Ras Al Khaimah, symbolizing the country’s aspirations to reach new heights in technological innovation. The introduction of Jais Chat and other similar technologies reflects the UAE’s commitment to becoming a leading hub for AI and technological advancements in the region.

As the AI landscape continues to evolve, the UAE’s proactive approach in developing technologies like Jais Chat not only enhances its competitive edge in the GCC but also sets a benchmark for integrating AI into enhancing linguistic and cultural inclusivity worldwide.

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