Vision 2030

Untangling Visions 2030

These are not mere visions. They’re a roadmap to a better tomorrow for both nations. Be it the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 or UAE Vision 2030. They both serve as a clear declaration of commitment of both countries. These visions include mega projects that will turn these nations into economic hubs for the world to […]

KSA’s Newest LEAP

Saudi Arabia is Nokia’s biggest market in the Middle East and Africa, and it plays a significant role in society in the nations where it does business. Accordingly, Nokia sees Saudi Arabia as a crucial market. The company is dedicated to offering the most cutting-edge technologies. Including 5G. To help the country develop a robust […]

The Future of AI in Telecom Industry: Vision 2030 Edition

2022 ended on a high note for Artificial intelligence (AI) when ChatGPT took the world by storm. But AI was not a game-changer for liberal arts alone. It absolutely took the telecom industry by surprise and had experts redefine and redesign what was already there. In addition, it is also setting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 […]

KSA Vision 2030: IoT Transforming Economies

Every success story begins with a vision, and successful visions are built on solid foundations. Among the endless possibilities for growth lies Saudi Arabia’s plan for a more promising future, achieved by creating an IoT infrastructure. The Kingdom has dedicated significant funding to the IT industry and complete support for creative and innovative thinking to […]