Vision 2030

Metropolis of the Future: Achieving Sustainable Visions

As the world enters a new era, a climate-focused one, technology has proven to be one of the more critical aspects contributing to the fight against climate change with the rise of worldwide sustainable visions. Digital innovations have become, what could be considered, the backbone of every sustainability strategy in the world, and the MENA […]

Economic Vision 2030: Abu Dhabi’s Quest for Economic Ascend

The world is increasing its awareness of technological development’s role in establishing a more robust economic foundation for the upcoming decade. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is walking the line of digital transformation by preferring new unorthodox means to finally fulfill its ambitious goals of becoming a knowledge-based country. Such intelligent innovation integration will eventually […]

Football as a World Builder: The Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision

When Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina last week, shock and elation hit every connected device in the world within seconds. This wasn’t in the Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision. Shock, because in footballing terms, isn’t it the shark that’s meant to eat the minnow?  And elation because every now and then, sport reminds us of how wonderfully […]

Environmental Technologies in Saudi Arabia's Future Vision

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is an economic giant with ample visions and projects. The Kingdom is well known for its massive oil output, but Saudi Arabia has way more to offer. In the future, Saudi Arabia seems to diversify its economic projects and catapult its greener approach. With various visions and initiatives, the […]

The Female Role in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030

When we say the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, certain things come to mind oil, the origin of the Islamic religion, Arabian horses, coffee, the world’s largest desert, extravagant palace, the country where women were not allowed to drive, and much more. However, until quite recently, the role of Saudi Arabian women in the Kingdom has […]