Google Cloud Launches Cloud Region in Dammam

The Saudi Arabia cloud vision received a Google Cloud inauguration for a new cloud region in Dammam aiming to offer high-performance.

Google Cloud has inaugurated a new cloud region in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, aiming to offer high-performance, low-latency services to a diverse range of clients including public sector entities, large corporations, SMEs, and startups.

The announcement broke as part of Google Cloud’s efforts to support the realization of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, marking a significant commitment to the region’s technological development.

The launch event featured key Google Cloud executives, including CEO Thomas Kurian, and was attended by top Saudi government officials and tech community leaders.

Research by Access Partnership predicts that this new cloud region could contribute $109 billion to Saudi Arabia’s economy from 2024 to 2030, potentially creating 148,600 jobs by 2030. The cloud region is expected to foster economic growth through direct, indirect, and spillover effects, particularly enhancing cloud adoption within the country.

Saudi Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Eng Abdullah Al Swaha, emphasized the strategic importance of Google Cloud’s investment in advancing Saudi Arabia’s status as a regional computing hub and its impact on digital entrepreneurship and AI-driven innovation in both public and private sectors.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian highlighted the transformative potential of AI and the role of the new cloud region in enabling organizations to innovate and operate more efficiently, underpinned by sustainable, secure infrastructure.

The Dammam cloud region is seen as a key support for the growth of about 1.2 million SMEs in Saudi Arabia. These SMEs, which form a significant portion of the Kingdom’s businesses and employment, are expected to play a vital role in achieving the Vision 2030 goal of SMEs contributing 35% to the gross domestic product.

Google Cloud has also announced the Google for Startups Cloud Program, set to launch in 2024 in Saudi Arabia, to aid startups with resources and support.

Additionally, Google Cloud Platform Services in Saudi Arabia will be available through CNTXT, a joint venture between Cognite and Aramco. CNTXT will act as the exclusive reseller for Google Cloud Platform services in the Kingdom, catering to both local organizations and multinationals.

Senior executives from Google Cloud expressed their commitment to leading digital transformation in the region and supporting digital empowerment in Saudi Arabia through accessible cloud technologies and AI, thus contributing to the Kingdom’s digital transformation goals.

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