Angelo Rahme

KSA Vision 2030: IoT Transforming Economies

Every success story begins with a vision, and successful visions are built on solid foundations. Among the endless possibilities for growth lies Saudi Arabia’s plan for a more promising future, achieved by creating an IoT infrastructure. The Kingdom has dedicated significant funding to the IT industry and complete support for creative and innovative thinking to […]

Monty Cloud Gaming: New Streaming Service for Gamers

In the past ten years, gaming has significantly evolved, whether on the level of graphics, gaming experience, or technology used. As a result, games have become increasingly more demanding, ultimately requiring expensive hardware to ensure reliable performance. Cloud Gaming Saves the Day Hefty game scales and demanding hardware requirements have become a common topic among […]

IoT Device Monitoring: Discover, Manage, and Monitor

Discovering, assessing, monitoring, and managing your connected devices is the process of monitoring your Internet of Things (IoT) inventory. IoT asset monitoring keeps you aware of any problems that may be influencing the functionalities of critical apps and services.  The speed at which modern businesses incorporate IoT devices into their IT strategy is astounding. By […]

5G Spectrum Auction in India: Here’s How it Panned Out

Since the introduction of first-generation mobile services, which could only carry voice calls, mobile networks have significantly developed. The fourth generation of mobile networks is capable of handling faster data rates. However, a newer generation of mobile networks is required due to the shifting connectivity requirements, increasing mobile data traffic, and a new class of […]