Lose Weight and Track Calories by Snapping a Picture of Your Meal

Many health apps help users lose weight by counting the calories. Healthify app reveals meal calorie count through a photo of your food.

Many health apps help users lose weight by counting the calories in a meal. Yet, a new tool, Healthify app now reveals the precise calorie count in your meal simply through a photo of your food.

Healthify, an AI-powered app, identifies the contents of your plate—its ingredients and portion sizes. It calculates the calories, protein, fat, carbs, and fiber as part of a nutritional analysis.

“For his part, Tushar Vashisht, the founder, and CEO of the India-based company, stated, ‘The app can identify more than 1 million types of foods via a single image and outperform ChatGPT in food recognition,’ according to the Daily Mail.

90% Accuracy

He went on to say that Healthify will be able to identify the precise ingredients, while the well-known AI-powered chatbot will only be able to identify the kind of meal—such a salad.

Vashisht stated that, based on user reviews, he thinks the app is 90% accurate.

The app has additional features as well, such as an AI health trainer. With regard to weight loss, stress reduction, or improving sleep, this trainer provides users with dietary and exercise recommendations based on their objectives.

Although these features are currently free, they will only be accessible through the app’s smart plan, which costs 12 pounds for a six-month subscription or 15 pounds per month, as of January 1.

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