AI Medtech Collaboration to Enhance Healthcare and Slow Aging

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Prenuvo Cenegenics AI collaboration in healthcare combines full-body AI scans with bloodwork monitoring to improve patient outcomes and slow down the aging process.

  • The integration of AI and bloodwork monitoring aims to understand early signs of disease progression and quantify individuals’ health trajectories.
  • This partnership showcases the potential of AI to revolutionize healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

Prenuvo, a Californian Medtech company, is collaborating with Cenegenics, a Las Vegas-based health management company. Coupled with the former’s full-body AI scans, the latter’s bloodwork monitoring will help in providing any missing information and slowing the aging process.

Prenuvo is utilizing AI to enhance health care and improve patient outcomes. The company offers full-body MRI scans leveraging AI to screen patients for over 500 conditions, including tumors, aneurysms, and cysts, in under an hour.

The founder and CEO of Prenuvo, Andrew Lacey, was recently on the TechFirst podcast hosted by John Koetsier to discuss his company’s preventative MRIs. When Koetsier asked about the scans, Lacey answered: “[…] We take all these images of your body and we’re able to then layer them on top of each other, sort of like Instagram filters, and look at any one three-dimensional pixel in your body. […] And depending on how it appears on these different image sequences, we can be quite precise about what we’re looking at.”

For its part, Cenegenics aims to help individuals “reverse their biological age” by achieving biomarker results comparable to individuals many years younger. This strategy involves nutrition, exercise, sleep, nutraceuticals, and prescription medicines. Through the Prenuvo Cenegenics AI collaboration in healthcare, Cenegenics aims to further enhance its recommendations and leverage AI as a valuable tool to gain additional insights into patient health.

Cenegenics CEO Kristy Berry told Fox: “The biomarkers found in our blood provide amazing insights about our health, wellness, and the likelihood of disease due to cellular inflammation. As we age, our biomarkers tell the tale of a lifetime of decisions we have made with regard to nutrition, exercise, and sleep.”

This new marriage between AI and bloodwork monitoring is not here to replace the existing system but rather to add value to it. In fact, Lacey told Fox that “While there is a lot of excitement in the field of AI to replace the diagnosis that radiologists make, what we are most actively excited about … is how AI can help us understand early signs of disease progression and quantify a person’s health trajectory.”

Prenuvo Cenegenics AI collaboration in healthcare represents a significant advancement in utilizing AI technology to enhance healthcare and promote healthier aging. This partnership highlights the potential of AI to revolutionize healthcare and improve patient wellness.

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