Is Using Wi-Fi Safe? Myths and Exploring Security Measures 

We spend most of our days connected to Wi-Fi, whether we’re scrolling on our phones, working, or streaming our favorite shows. But have you ever wondered about its safety? What are the myths surrounding the potential dangers of Wi-Fi on various levels?  The Conversation About Radiation  One of the most prevalent misconceptions is that Wi-Fi […]

Health on Demand: The Benefits of Chatbots in Medicine

People had difficulty meeting their healthcare needs ten years ago because healthcare was constantly changing. However, an AI with the ability to assist, called chatbot, eventually appeared. With its advanced AI technology and friendly demeanor, it became the go-to companion for anyone needing quick and accurate health information. The job of the chatbot is to […]

Researchers Test mRNA Technology for Universal Flu Vaccine

An experimental vaccine provided broad protection against all 20 known influenza A and B virus subtypes in initial tests in mice and ferrets, potentially opening a pathway to a universal flu shot that might help prevent future pandemics, according to a U.S. study published on Thursday. The two-dose vaccine employs the same messenger RNA (mRNA)technology […]

UAE’s Deal-Hungry IHC Plans Health and IT Business IPOs

International Holding Company plans to sell 20 percent of its technology unit in an initial public offering next year, its CEO told Reuters, adding that the UAE’s IHC is aiming for a first quarter IPO of Pure Health to raise more than $1 billion. IHC, which rose from relative obscurity to become the United Arab […]

Telecom Operator Role in Healthcare

The healthcare landscape is witnessing a global overhaul. The population is about to hit 8 billion in mere weeks. More people means more markets and more dynamic needs. Such an increase will strain the healthcare industry on the sheer mass of people needing medical care. Further, the flood of wealthy older patients brought a corresponding […]

The Chronicles of Healthcare Alternative Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic gave the world a lot to think about. The world stopped in its tracks. Everything halted. People remained at home, trying to stay safe. While the world bunkered down, one sector was busier than ever. The healthcare sector did not have the option of stopping everything to process the pandemic. Humanity needed […]

How can Public Health Data Systems be Transformed?

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the gaps in the public health and health data infrastructure and illuminated how they perpetuate extended health inequities. During the virus, many flaws in the health system emerged regarding racism which was on the rise and trying to find solutions regarding that issue.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)  founded a […]

Vista Equity Invests $300 Million in Telehealth Software Firm TigerConnect- Sources

Healthcare communications software provider TigerConnect has raised $300 million in growth investment from private equity firm Vista Equity Partners, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on Monday. The valuation of TigerConnect wasn’t known. It last raised $45 million at a valuation of $370 million in September 2020, according to PitchBook data, counting HealthQuest Capital […]