Huawei Launches Luxeed S7 EV to Surpass Tesla

New Huawei car,the Luxeed S7, an electric sedan set to challenge Tesla's Model S in the race of electric cars.

Huawei, a giant in the technology world, has uncovered its latest innovation: the Luxeed S7, an electric sedan set to challenge Tesla’s Model S in the race of electric cars.

Last week, Huawei began accepting pre-orders for its first-ever sedan, a shift from its previous focus on SUVs.

The Luxeed S7, born from a collaboration with Chinese automotive manufacturer Chery, enters the market with a pre-sale price starting at 258,000 yuan (about $35,400). The Chinese giant announced that regular sales will be initiated on November 28th, 2023.

Following the news, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives revealed a temporary funding measure to avert a government shutdown, highlighting the global exchange of economics and politics.

Mark Reinford, an automotive industry commentator based in Shanghai and host of “Inside China Auto” on YouTube, suggests that comparing the Luxeed S7 to the Tesla Model S might be somewhat of an overstretch.

Speaking to CNN, he noted that while the comparisons might be ambitious, the Luxeed S7 stands out with its 800-volt platform, purportedly enabling ultra-fast charging, a feature not yet utilized by Tesla.

Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s consumer division, unveiled the vehicle in the sprawling city of Shenzhen, boasting of its high-voltage, powerful battery. Yu previously claimed that the S7 would surpass Tesla’s Model S in every specification. He highlighted that a 15-minute charge could yield a driving range of 400 kilometers (about 249 miles), surpassing the Tesla Model S’s 347 kilometers (approximately 216 miles) after a similar charging duration.

Reinford added that despite the untested range comparison, such a feat might be possible due to the battery’s capabilities. Priced significantly lower than Tesla’s basic Model S, which costs 698,900 yuan or $95,800 in China, the Luxeed S7 emerges as a more affordable alternative.

Huawei, initially known as a telecommunications giant, faced turmoil in recent years due to U.S. export restrictions. However, undeterred by these challenges, the company ventured into the EV market, launching its first electric car in 2021.

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