Huawei Introduces "Pocket 2" Foldable Phone with Harmony 4.0 OS 

Huawei showcased its new foldable phone for the Chinese market, " Huawei Pocket 2," along with the Harmony 4.0 operating system.

Huawei showcased its new foldable phone for the Chinese market, “Pocket 2,” along with the Harmony 4.0 operating system, which is set to stop accepting Android apps with APK extensions. This was announced on the sidelines of the MWC 2024 mobile conference in Barcelona. 

The phone from the Chinese company, which faces U.S. sanctions preventing it from using the “Android” system, operates on the Harmony 4.0 operating system. It is expected to reach all Huawei phones by next March, with an update that prevents the installation of “Android” apps with apk extensions, thereby preventing users from installing any app outside the company’s official store. 

The new phone, which folds vertically, comes with a 7-inch main screen and 4 lenses for the external camera, which serves as both the rear and selfie camera. 

Huawei launched the phone with a processor developed with 7-nanometer technology, likely operating on the Kirin 9000S processor. This is the same processor that sparked widespread controversy last year when it was introduced in the company’s “Mate 60 Pro” phone. 

The design of the new phone is similar to the P50 Pocket and Pocket S models, with two circular areas visible on the external facade of the phone when folded. The first is a 1.14-inch screen, and the second is a camera consisting of 4 lenses. 

Specifications of “Pocket 2” 

The “Pocket 2” phone is equipped with 4 cameras: the main one is 50 megapixels, the second is 12 megapixels with an ultra-wide shooting angle, the third is 8 megapixels dedicated to 3 levels of zoom, and finally, a 2-megapixel sensor for capturing ultraviolet radiation in the user’s surrounding environment. 

The phone’s large screen is 6.94 inches, LTPO OLED type, alongside 12GB of RAM, and internal storage starting from 256GB and up to 1TB. 

The “Pocket 2” phone has a 4520 mAh battery, supported by 66W super-fast wired charging and 40W wireless charging. 

The company exclusively launches the new phone in the Chinese market, with prices starting from around $1000. The company has not disclosed plans regarding the global launch of the phone. 

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