Apple’s AI ‘ASK’ Tool to Answer Customers’ Inquiries 

Apple has introduced a new software application named "Ask tool" to a number of its customer service employees.

Apple has introduced a new software named Ask tool to a number of its customer service employees, which relies on AI to answer public inquiries based on a large internal database containing verified information from the company. 

According to Mac Rumors, the new tool is currently available to a number of employees in the AppleCare customer service sector. It explained that once an employee receives a question from a user through the web support service or over the phone, the employee can directly enter the question into the smart tool, which then provides an answer based on searching an internal information database, ensuring the company provides accurate information to user inquiries. 

The site noted that the Ask tool allows users to ask up to 5 questions on the same topic, and they can rate each response provided by the tool, indicating whether the response was helpful or not. This helps Apple to develop the tool’s performance and efficiency. 

The site mentioned that Apple is currently encouraging employees to rely on the tool for accurate information and answers to user queries, instead of traditional search methods or consulting their direct managers. 

According to Apple, the Ask tool is considered more effective in dealing with unusual and complex problems. 

The company plans to make the new tool available to more customer service employees after evaluating it during the current trial. 

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, had previously announced the company’s intention to introduce artificial intelligence features to all users by the end of the current year, coinciding with the release of new versions of “iPhone,” Mac computers, and iPad tablets. 

Predictions indicate that the company aims to enter the artificial intelligence market with the upcoming “iPhone 16” by equipping it with an advanced processing unit, in addition to updating the capabilities of its smart assistant Siri, through an entirely new neural processing unit with its upcoming A18 processor and the anticipated operating system IOS 18. 

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