Huawei to Build Saudi Arabia’s New Cloud Region

In its plan to pump investments into the Middle East, Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei revealed Tuesday plans to create a cloud region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

The move, which will play a fundamental role in expanding the company’s influence in the Middle East, will bring forth more support to local businesses and governments’ capabilities in obtaining comprehensive and safeguarded cloud services in the telecom sector.

The announcement was first uncovered at the LEAP 2022 technology innovation conference in Riyadh, KSA, when Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping was, addressed the attendees.

For the first time, LEAP is being held in the Kingdom, intertwining some of the most prominent technology companies, start-up founders, and venture capitalists to converse about potential ventures in the digital economy. 

Huawei’s new cloud region in the desert Kingdom will develop new social and economic ventures in the KSA and set the proper infrastructure for the Middle East’s technological development strategies.

The chairman also highlighted confirmed that Saudi Arabia is already setting into motions plans to shift its national industries towards technological development, which places the kingdom as one of the world’s top 20 tech-driven economies.

“Going digital is now a key global consensus,” Gua said. 

“Over the past three years alone, many global enterprises have fully embraced digitalization, with the top 10 percent of these organizations growing their revenue as much as five times faster than those who have not embraced digitalization. Huawei’s customers, partners, and developers can rely on our services to help industries in the region go digital,” he added. 

During the LEAP conference, Huawei emphasized its commitment to marking its presence in helping create Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation and the Middle East region.

In fact, the telecom behemoth is already marching along the path of tit promises, as it is already a prominent contributor in the KSA’s digital transformation by helping “local carriers connect over 5.5 million people in remote areas.”

In parallel, Ping added that Huawei gives the KSA its full support in transforming it into of the top country to have one of the largest AI-model to help it develop more sophisticated intelligent platforms throughout various fields, including Arabic-language identification, pharmaceutical Research and Development (R&D), disease detection, and much more.

The close relationship between Huawei and Saudi Arabia ensured stable Saudi telecom networks throughout some of the Kingdom’s most significant national events, such as the Hajj’s need for high-speed and demand networks.