AI's Expanding Role in Modern War  

AI has been employed as a war veteran and its contextual role of hyperwar here can change the world as we know it.

AI has been employed as a war veteran and its contextual role of hyperwar here can change the world as we know it. One can say there is a decrease in loss of soldiers but an increase in civilians. 

AI has the potential to lead us to a “Hyperwar,” a kind of rivalry and conflict that is so automated that it breaks the decision-making process and ultimately reduces the amount of human control over most choices. 

Old Battlefields, New Weapons  

In recent years, such advancements have been intertwined with war, bringing us to one of the biggest wars to take place recently, the Palestinian war. The war on Palestine didn’t only highlight the struggle that Palestinians have been living in since the Nakba, but it highlighted the sophisticated use and invention of AI based weapons. 

Israel invented and used facial recognition technology and drone surveillance, making Palestinians among the most surveilled people in the world. The deployment of such weapons is not only life threatening but in the case of the Palestinians its race threating. 

The Given AI Role 

AI systems are used to help find and recognize signals of interest and to put in place the right technology to jam the signal or assist in intercepting the threat as needed.  

AI can prevent inbound threats as well, feasibly ascertaining the ballistic missile’s anticipated trajectory and acting before it reaches its target when a missile launch is detected. The electromagnetic signature of the missile can be recognized by predictive AI, which can then be used to either jam the signal and reroute the missile or send interceptors to destroy it before it reaches its target.  

Any encrypted communications may also be deciphered by an AI-based system, yielding key details about the capabilities or intentions of the adversary.  

What Could Happen Next? 

The extensive use of AI by global powerhouses and war-hungry countries worldwide in hyperwar has become like the extensive use of AI in our day-to-day jobs. One might argue that both will be the end of us in different ways. 

Not every country can have AI-based weapons to protect itself, and then again, the countries that do are overly using it on innocent souls. This would cause an imbalance and this imbalance could eventually lead to World War 3. When countries with sophisticated AI take over countries with no AI weapon use, they will eventually begin to create better AI tech weapons and use them on each other to see who has the best creation. 

Governments should be racing to create guidelines and restrictions on how to use these weapons ethically. 

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