Indian Army Creates AI Chatbot Against Honey-Trapping 

The Indian Army has deployed AI as a new agent in order to honey-trap soldiers suspected spies with the support of cybersecurity team.

The Indian Army has deployed Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a new agent in order to honey-trap soldiers suspected of being spies with the support of cybersecurity team.

The ongoing conflicts between India and Pakistan have persisted since 1965. With advancements in time and technology, the war continues but in different forms, including the use of AI.  

The concept of honey-trapping leans more towards the psychological side rather than the technological. Yet, the convergence of the idea of luring a man into feeling safe enough to reveal their thoughts, with the technological aspect of using AI, has reached new milestones to the benefit of the Indian army. The purpose of honey-trapping is to obtain and extract sensitive information that would be advantageous to the opposing side, or in this case, to identify spies. 

The AI Behind Honey-Trapping 

The story began when Pakistani spies used the technique of honey-trapping against the Indian army. Several Indian soldiers fell victims to it. The messages supposedly were sent from a ‘girl’ who introduced herself as a university student. The Indian soldiers were expected to block unsolicited messages, but to their disadvantage, they fell for the trap that was set for them. 

The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the spy was traced and was immediately reported to, and acted upon by, the Maharashtra’s Anti-Terrorism Squad, leading to an arrest.  

Safety Precaution  

After the incident, the Indian Army decided to develop their own AI chatbot and tackle the issue. They created a chatbot to lure their own soldiers and identify potential spies. 

In addition to developing their chatbot, they hired a cybersecurity team to counter cyber-espionage. The army also implemented new rules and regulations, including the elimination of the use of all social media platforms such as Snapchat, and particularly Facebook and Instagram. 

Furthermore, no pictures, whether in uniform or not, should be posted online. Last but not least, the use of phones was restricted to such an extent that it could almost be considered prohibited. 

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