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Deloitte AI Deployment

Deloitte AI chatbot deployment is rolling out. It is called “PairD” to its 75,000 employees through Europe and Middle East.

LinkedIn’s AI Job Seeker Mentor Flipping Your Employment Search

On the November 1st, LinkedIn introduced an AI chatbot as a “job seeker mentor” for premium users, for now.

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Adding to Microsoft’s milestones, the tech company introduced a new AI chatbot and a suite of tools to streamline the work on the frontlines.

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Apple’s AI developer team is making strides by secretly developing an AI chatbot codenamed "Apple GPT" using its own framework, "Ajax.

Doge Chatbot: What’s the Motive? 

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and SpaceX are now distracted by the newest bright object: AI chatbots, just months after acquiring Twitter. While there is little information regarding Musk’s planned AI project, the entrepreneur has been vocal in his disdain for ChatGPT. Musk co-founded OpenAI in 2015 but has subsequently severed connections with the firm. […]

Criminal Use of ChatGPT

EU police force Europol on Monday warned about the potential misuse of artificial intelligence-powered chatbot ChatGPT in phishing attempts, disinformation and cybercrime, adding to the chorus of concerns ranging from legal to ethical issues. Since its release last year, Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT has set off a tech craze, prompting rivals to launch similar products and […]

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Human Resources. They must uphold company policy to create a pleasant and productive work environment. Frequently, especially in big corporations, HR has its hands full. But what if there was a chatbot to lend a helping hand? But NOT with hiring people. We all saw how that went, and suffice it to say, YIKES! With […]

Political Turmoil in Lebanon

Unveiling the Hype: ChatGPT’s Take on Lebanon’s Long-standing Political and Economic Crisis – Straight from an Inside Telecom Interview! ChatGPT is the new hype. That is not a secret. So, we decided to put that hype to the test. Inside Telecom decided to see what the big deal is. We asked this advanced Artificial Intelligence […]