LinkedIn’s AI Job Seeker Mentor Flipping Your Employment Search   

LinkedIn’s AI Job Seeker Mentor Flipping Your Employment Search LinkedIn’s AI Job Seeker Mentor Flipping Your Employment Search

On the November 1st, LinkedIn introduced an AI chatbot as a “job seeker coach” for premium users, for now.

The one billion users’ gift

What LinkedIn have done is upgrade their services with a variety of features:

  • Identifying and applying to jobs that are a good fit for their skills and experience.
  • Writing cover letters and resumes that are tailored to specific jobs.
  • Preparing for job interviews.
  • Networking with people in their field.

One of the largest professional platforms in the world

With over 830 million members, LinkedIn is investing heavily in AI as an assistant to let its users find their dream jobs.

Substitute the real professionals with AI.

What can the AI chatbot offer, that is different to humans?!

It can help get us a job through the following:

After analyzing our LinkedIn profile, it suggests suitable and qualified jobs, the mentor chatbot provides feedback for the cover letters and resumes and then customizes them for each job we want to apply for.

This AI chatbot is like holding our hand to cross the street safely…

Now, to get to the interview phase, it provides practice interview questions and answers. And helps in developing our interview skills.

So, after that it recommends people that should connect by crafting messages to send to the right connections.

For the upgraded premium subscribers,

LinkedIn announced new AI-powered features, that are:

  • A tool to enhance job description writing.
  • A tool to facilitate mentor discovery and connection.
  • A tool to prepare for salary negotiation.

The chatbot is currently available to LinkedIn Premium subscribers, and it is expected to be rolled out to all users in the coming months.

Not to ruin this new upgrade, BUT…

I want to spit it out. I can’t digest such a thing. An AI chatbot is advising us and providing help with our interview skills while the interviewer is a human. Does the AI chatbot know better and understand us better than we do?! This intriguing question adds a touch of uncertainty to this new upgrade.

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