Meta Rolls Out Premium Ad-Free Experience on Facebook and Instagram in EU

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Facebook and Instagram, pillars of the virtual community where our generation spends a big slice of daily life, are rolling out a new ad-free subscription feature that could change the game for many: the option to nix ads from your social scrolling—for a fee.

It’s an intriguing move, considering Meta, the all-seeing parent company behind these platforms, just got slapped with a €390 million wake-up call for bending the EU’s data privacy rules. Is this some kind of penance, or is it more about raking in euros?

Makes you wonder, right?

Starting in November, for €9.99 a pop, users over 18 across Europe can opt into this serene, comforting, ad-free world. But it’s more than just getting away from sneaky sneaker ads; it’s about choice and control in an online world that’s constantly seeking your attention—and your data.

Meta is walking a tightrope here.

On one side, they’re advocating for the necessity of an ad-supported internet, claiming it keeps the online world accessible for all. On the other side, they’re pitching this new ad-free subscription feature, a clear submission to the EU’s tightening grip on digital consent.

For us, the digital natives, it poses a serious, and valid, question: do we cling to the free yet data-hungry version of our platforms, or do we join the ride for peace of mind? And be careful, should you choose to subscribe through the iOS or Android apps, expect to drop for Meta up an extra €3 a month—a surcharge that’s got ‘Big Tech Huuu… I mean tussle’ written all over it.

Come March 2024, there’s another catch.

If your digital identity is split across multiple accounts, you’ll be losing more money. It’s like everything else these days—add-ons, upgrades, and the ones we all love to hate, premium packages.

It’s not just Meta either. Look at X (FKA Twitter), charging a premium for a blue checkmark and less ad clutter. And TikTok? Let’s not start with TikTok. But, we will say they’re probably developing a similar model by now.

Basically, nothing no more, no less, than a digital crossroads, and it’s got us all wonding the worth of our online experience. What price are we willing to pay for a cleaner, more private social feed? And as the digital world continuously shapes itself into the being it will become, it’s these decisions that’ll shape the internet we know and scroll through daily.

So, what’s it gonna be?

The ad-filled but free internet wilderness, or a quieter, ad-free stroll through your feed that comes with a monthly bill? The ball’s in our court.

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