ART Loses First Round to AI

ART Loses First Round to AI ART Loses First Round to AI

No trust, no protection of rights, and no relief in sharing the artists’ work with the world. So, a group of artists fought to try to win the copyright battle, but, unfortunately, lost the first round against the creators of AI-generated images.

Who are those AI creators?

The artists technically are suing Stability AI, Midjourney, and DevianArt, alleging that these companies have violated their copyrights by using their work to train AI models, so that they can generate new images.

Artists VS Creators

Well, from the naming of the two parties, it shouldn’t be evoked from the first place. Creators must know and appreciate the work and the effort put into creating artwork.

The artists believe they should get paid when their work is used to train AI models, while the companies argue that AI-created images are different enough to not be protected by copyright, and thus, they don’t need to pay.

What did the judge find?

In a recent ruling, the judge found:

  1. The artists failed to demonstrate a strong similarity between the AI-generated images and their copyrighted works.
  2. The judge noted that the artists had not registered their copyrights with the US Copyright Office before bringing their legal action.

However, the judge did allow the artists to proceed with one claim against Stability AI. The artists allege that Stability. The judge found that this claim was plausible and should be allowed to proceed to trial.


If the artists win, it could make companies pay artists when their work is used to train AI, making it harder and costlier for companies to create AI-generated art.

On the other hand, if the companies win, it could mean that AI art might not be protected by copyright. This might lead to a flood of new AI art but could also make it difficult for artists to safeguard their own work.

No one knows where this is going to end. And to what end. The case is ongoing, and the outcomes are likely to be crucial to the future of AI-generated art.

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