Deloitte Introduces AI Chatbot to Staff

Deloitte AI Deployment Deloitte AI Deployment Chatbot to Staff

Deloitte AI chatbot is rolling out for internal deployment. It is called “PairD” to its 75,000 employees throughout Europe and Middle East.

What Does PairD Do?

PairD operates artificial intelligence algorithms to manage information and respond to requests. It is capable of plenty of tasks like writing emails and drafting documents, creating presentations and reports, answering questions, scheduling meetings, and generating voices.  

Costi Perricos, generative AI leader at Deloitte, said the rollout of PairD was “part of [the firm’s] long-term AI investment plans, as we continue to explore the potential that this technology could offer our firm, our clients and wider society”.

“A key focus for employers should be on how to use these new tools safely, so that they can be applied correctly and create value.”        

Deloitte said that its staff must go through a training module prior to use and have access to the PairD AI tool. The major accounting firm, part of the Big Four, has announced its intention to permit gracious access to PairD for the UK disability charity Scope.

Okay, that’s all great and amazing.

But Why Deloitte?

Why has Deloitte rolled out PairD?

It’s totally understandable in that it helps in increasing productivity in a very strategic and creative manner. It reduces errors and potentially streamlines workflows and all of that. But isn’t it going to take jobs later on? Definitely, it’s not going to stop doing or actually take simple tasks like writing emails, AI integration will not stop here. We are all witnessing how AI is taking over so many jobs lately.

“According to a recent report of 750 business leaders using AI from ResumeBuilder, 37% say the technology replaced workers in 2023. Meanwhile, 44% report that there will be layoffs in 2024 resulting from AI efficiency,” stated CNBC on December 16,2023.

So how much will organizations risk the career lives of people under the pretext of ‘AI eases your workflow’? Well it will definitely erase humans from the whole path.

And Here Comes the Encounters

PairD does face some challenges, actually, the users who use PairD will face some hurdles.

As with the precedents, the AI chatbots, lack accuracy and dependability, which means more work for the employees to validate its outputs. Not to forget the job displacement catastrophe, and that it requires more monitoring.

For every rise in AI technology, there are humans paying the price, a very high cost it seems. Until when? Is it the fault of the organizations for integrating AI chatbots into the workflow? It looks like your next colleague is going to be a robot.

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