CES 2024 Las Vegas Day 1

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Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 has begun and tech companies are bursting at the seams to show off their innovations.

  • Samsung is going all in on its “AI for All” vision.
  • Apple Vision Pro just got more expensive if you need glasses to see.
  • Cars are becoming artificially intelligent.
  • And so much more

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 has officially kicked off in Las Vegas and let me tell you, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. In yesterday’s article, we gave you a glimpse of what was to come. The industry anticipated an AI heaven, and the tech expo did not disappoint.

Samsung debuted its “AI for All” Vision, where AI plays a non-intrusive role in our lives. The showcased products were AI-heavy, obviously. Everything, and I do mean everything, has AI, from an adorable rolling AI bot to an AI-powered washer and dryer combo. The biggest updates were for their SmartThings ecosystem:

  • Spatial AI
  • 3D Map View
  • QR code sharing
  • Bixby enhancements
  • A partnership with Hyundai Motor Group for Home-to-Car and Car-to-Home services
  • A collaboration with Tesla, SmartThings Energy, to keep track of your home’s energy efficiency.

They are really committing to the bit. Hopefully, they make a comeback in Q1 2024 after a very disappointing Q4 2023.

Meanwhile, Apple announced that prescription lenses for the Apple Vision Pro will cost $149. I would comment on the price but whoever buys the headset is willingly paying about $4,000… Besides exorbitant prices are kind of Apple’s signature at this point.

Smart Locks are making a buzz at the tech expo. Philips (yes, the same Philips that makes hair trimmers) debuted its new smart lock at Las Vegas’s CES 2024. The smart lock operates using Wi-Fi palm recognition technology and will cost about $359.99. As for Lockly’s smart lock, that one is based on facial recognition but also features a fingerprint reader, digital keypad, and keyed lock. The Lockly Visage will retail at a cool $349. Are we running locksmiths out of business?

For some reason, car makers are really into making your driving to work (because let’s be honest, where are we going other than to work in this economy) as intelligent as possible. BMW’s upcoming operating system will have augmented reality and robust AI for improved communication between the car and the driver. And in case you get bored while you are parked or charging your vehicle, you can game! Volkswagen, for its part, is introducing ChatGPT for the cars to create “enriching conversations.”

Getty Images and Nvidia are collaborating to bring AI to stock photos with Generative AI by iStock, a text-to-image platform specifically designed to make stock photos. Not to be confused with Getty Images’ multiuser enterprise AI solution, Generative AI by Getty Images, this platform is for individuals/single-seat users.

High-tech headbands seem to be popular devices at Las Vegas’ CES 2024 with the Frenz Brainband, Mywave, and Zenbud. Are we all so stressed and high-strung that we need tech to help us fall asleep these days?

Sennheiser’s new earbuds, the Momentum Sport, have health sensors now. They can track your heart rate and body temperature during any workout, rigorous or not.

And for gaming lovers, MSI revealed The Claw! That’s on brand for a company whose logo is a dragon. The gaming handheld rivals Valve’s Steam Deck. MSI plans to release three models, ranging from $699 to $799.

Las Vegas’ CES 2024 has all of these and so much more. and we’re looking forward to what the next few days bring. The tech expo will continue until the 12th.

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