Slow iPhone’s, Slower Reactions from Apple

Payments have been made from Apple towards the Apple Iphone lawsuit that states Apple slowed down their iPhones in the US intentionally.

Payments have been made from Apple towards the Apple iPhone Lawsuit that states Apple slowed down their iPhones in the US intentionally.

In 2020 Apple agreed to settle the lawsuit, which had complaints receive an amount of $500m for the settlement which totaled about $92 per claim. The lawsuit stated that Apple during that time denied any accusations, yet it had concerns about the cost of the ongoing litigation. In the UK a comparable action is taking place which has the UK seeking £1.6bn in compensation.

The case in the US goes back to December 2017, when iPhone users claimed the current iPhone slows down as the phone gets older or even when a new one is about to be released. This is when Apple confirmed the suspicion that was out in the public to be true. According to Apple, it was stated that as the batteries age, a decrease in performance takes place, and this is where the “slowdown” begins its action and alters with the lifespan of the iPhone.

However, following accusations that it had secretly throttled the performance of some iPhone models, Apple responded to the outcry by providing a low-cost battery replacement. The US legal action resulted because of it. It was estimated at the time of the settlement that each individual might receive as little as $25, but it looks like the actual payout is nearly four times that amount.

In November in the UK a similar Apple iPhone Lawsuit took place where Apple lost the bid. Given the case by Justin Gutmann in June of 2022 an estimation of 24 million users were represented. ‘Baseless’ is what Apple named the lawsuit and stated that “we have never – and would never – do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades”.

Gutmann stated that “”It doesn’t advance our position here, they haven’t admitted anything – they’ve settled. It’s a moral victory but not much use to me. I’ve got to plough on and pursue the case in the UK jurisdiction.”

He continued to mention how Apple was “fighting tooth and nail” in the UK case.

The only wish for Apple in 2024 is that if they want to keep a case as big as the iPhone slowdown, make it a better one something at least good. Then again, bad marketing is good marketing because people still count down the days to get their hands on the latest iPhone.

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