Is the Realme Brick Bluetooth Speaker Worth Buying? A Quick Review

Realme Brick Bluetooth Speaker

Chinese smartphone giant Realme is known for offering a myriad of devices and electronics spread across different price segments, with the company being one of the handful to take on Xiaomi, the biggest player in the Indian budget electronics segment. Now, the company has branched out into making speakers, and the Realme Brick Bluetooth speaker is currently among its newest and most desired products.

In collaboration with popular tipster Gadgetsdata, the company has launched the Realme Brick Bluetooth Speaker in India. Here’s everything we know about the Bluetooth speaker.

What you Need to Know About the Realme Brick Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker has a sound output of 20Watt and will come with support for stereo pairing. This power output generates a hefty volume and gives the speaker a richer sound. Realme also packs in three equalizer settings for the speaker, with Bass, Dynamic and Bright being the possible settings.

The speaker comes with an IPX5 rating for water resistance, protecting the speaker from accidental splashes. Splashes, not soaking, so keep it out of the rain and out of the pool. It should be ok if you drop some coffee on it as long as you switch it off and keep it in the sun for a while.

The Realme Brick Bluetooth speaker price comes at an extremely affordable $37.55 US Dollars 5 on Amazon or 2,999 Indian Rupees.

The Realme Brick Bluetooth speaker is made with the intent of extenuating loud sounds and making things boom with its upgraded bass. Two bass radiators and two full-range speakers are included within the build, adding to its surround sound capabilities.

Realme Brick hence features a gaming mode for low-latency audio-visual entertainment, letting the sound sync with the gameplay, so you can hear the 12-year-old you just sniped from across the map throw profanities at your entire lineage in real-time. This feature makes it ideal for games, movies, films, and more.

You may charge your device for a maximum of 14 hours using the built-in 5200mAH battery.

With its Bluetooth 5.0 capability, it maintains a solid connection for up to 10 meters, facilitating simple call setup and connection. The speaker also incorporates the widely available Type-C port for simple charging with both iOS and Android via Realme’s Link App. The speed of charging is not bad either, but don’t expect to get 14 hours from a 30-minute charge. keep it overnight and you are good to go for your campaign trip without having to worry about the battery failing you.

The Dual Bass Control lets you hear everything exactly as it is, with an emphasis on bass-heavy music. The volume can go pretty high, not enough for a concert of course but definitely enough for a house party or outdoor backyard gathering.

If you are looking for a sturdy lo lived speaker without sacrificing too much of your wallet’s contents then the Realme Brick Bluetooth speaker is as good a choice as any whether you are a video game, film, or music lover.

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