Is Your City Ready For The Future?

Is Your City Ready For The Future

At Inside Telecom, we like to keep you updated on the latest technologies and advancements in this exciting era of change. Services like 5g, IoT, FinTech, and Cloud Computing are becoming more integrated in our daily lives. But how ready is your City? Is it prepared for the next industrial revolution? Cities that want to be tomorrow’s economic leaders must not only embrace but lead on these new technologies, as tools for growth, and to develop methods to integrate them equitably.

We love the new Urban Readiness index, an interactive tool, developed by the Oliver Wyman forum and the University of California, Berkeley. The index ranks key global cities of how well positioned they are to take on the mobility revolution, evaluating crucial factors such as a city’s regulation, infrastructure, livability, and commitment to innovation. Furthermore, it identifies the necessary strategies cities can incorporate to help transform their mobility infrastructure. 

Whilst there are no two cities the same, many of their needs for development — congestion, high pollution rates, inadequate, and under developed infrastructure — are similar. Future fates of our cities will be reliant on their capabilities to create opportunities and solutions from the potential disruption of new mobility. For more detailed information on where your city stands, click here