Israel Manufacturing Medical Devices to Protect Your Prostate

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Israeli firm responsible for manufacturing medical devices. BioProtect, received FDA clearance for its rectum shield against prostate cancer radiotherapy.

  • Prostate cancer emerges as a prevalent concern, accounting for 288,300 expected cases in 2023.
  • The system solves the issue of exposing and subsequently damaging healthy rectum tissue during radiotherapy.

BioProtect Ltd., an Israeli firm manufacturing medical devices, has received FDA approval for its first-of-its-kind BioProtect Balloon Implant System, a rectum shield during prostate cancer treatment against unnecessary radiation exposure.

According to the National Cancer Institute, “Prostate cancer is the leading cancer diagnosis among men and the second most common diagnosis overall with 288,300 expected cases,” around 15% of 2023 new cancer cases.  

BioProtect’s Balloon Implant System addresses a critical concern in prostate cancer radiation therapy: targeting the issue without wrecking the surroundings. When inserted and inflated, it establishes a consistent, reliable, and reproducible space between the prostate and rectum, facilitating the delivery of accurate radiation to the intended target (the prostate) and significantly reducing the amount of stray radiation absorbed by the rectum during treatment.

CEO of BioProtect, Itay Barnea, stated, “We believe that our balloon has the potential to revolutionize rectal protection from toxicity during prostate cancer radiation therapy. Not only does it provide better protection to healthy organs, but it also supports dose escalation and hypofractionation, which are leading trends in prostate cancer radiation therapy.”

Medical professionals have lauded the device’s adaptability and advanced features. Dr. Edward Soffen from Princeton Radiation Oncology highlighted the advantages, stating, “The BioProtect Balloon offers me the opportunity to optimize treatment for almost all men with prostate cancer, even those with high-risk disease. The fact that it provides additional space with a pre-formed contour, the ability to adjust its position, and high visibility with all imaging modalities would make it the choice for my patients, techniques make it a promising option.”

BioProtect, responsible for the manufacturing of medical devices, outdid itself with this prostate cancer treatment strategy. By offering enhanced rectal protection from radiation toxicity, the device has the potential to reshape how prostate cancer is managed. The Balloon Implant System could lead to more effective, precise, and patient-friendly approaches to prostate cancer radiation therapy, ultimately improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

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