Korean SKT launches its subscription service ‘T Universe”

South Korean telco SKT announced on Tuesday its plans to create a new subscription service named “T universe” in partnership with e-commerce giant Amazon and popular search engine Google.

“T Universe aims to create a new universe of subscription services that benefits both customers and business partners,” said Park Jung-ho, CEO of SKT in a statement.

“By launching the subscription business that goes beyond the realm of telecommunications, we will suggest a brand-new subscription lifestyle for our customers,” he added.

SKT revealed that it will introduce a variety of subscription products created with diverse partners on August 31, 2021. The firm is already working with partners from various industries including Amazon, 11st, Emart, Starbucks, Google One, Wavve, and others.

Two subscription plans will be offered: a $4.19 “Mini Universe Pass” and a $8.47 “All Universe Pass.”

Both plans will include $2.57 worth of points that can be used as cash at e-commerce platform 11st and a $8.55 discount coupon for Amazon.

SKT’s subscription package “Universe Pass” groups together various subscription products centered around Amazon Global Store on the shipment service 11st.

Subscribers will also be able to order all Amazon products free of shipping charges. 

Furthermore, the operator said that it is currently in talks with around 100 other companies to further expand its subscription service offerings.

To drive new users to its new platform, SKT will operate around 1,000 specialized subscription stores by installing smart tables and subscription service experience zones at its offline retail stores throughout the nation. 

It also plans to nurture over 1,000 consultants to provide specialized care and assistance for subscription customers.

The provider also highlighted that SKT’s customer care center is fully prepared to offer professional consulting for subscription products.

Customers will also be able to easily sign up for the subscription products via online channels of SKT (T World).