Kremlin Advises Telegram Owner on Moscow Attack Vigilance

Stay informed about the Moscow attack and the role of Telegram, the allegations and the actions taken to prevent misuse of the platform.

In a recent directive from the Kremlin, Pavel Durov, the mastermind behind Telegram, has been advised to heighten his vigilance following the Moscow attack.

The advisory comes in the wake of allegations that the messaging platform played a role in recruiting assailants for an assault on a concert venue on the outskirts of Moscow. Durov, a Russian expatriate residing in Dubai since 2014 following his exit from Russia due to a corporate ouster, is at the helm of Telegram, which is headquartered in the UAE.

The application is recognized globally, particularly in Russia, for its role in news dissemination.

Dmitry Peskov, speaking for the Kremlin, communicated to the Russian media outlet Life the decision against banning Telegram. However, he emphasized the expectation for Durov to be proactive in preventing the platform’s misuse for nefarious activities. Peskov expressed concern over Telegram’s transformation into a conduit for terrorist activities, notably its association with recruitment efforts by the Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) group, as reported by RIA state news agency.

Durov, boasting a reported net worth of $15.5 billion by Forbes, is a dual citizen of the United Arab Emirates and France, highlighting his international ties and influence.

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