Ethical Tech

Technologies Ethical Dilemmas

Humanity is taking leaps in technology at a rapid pace. Each day we are advancing more than the day before, but with such a tremendous technological dawn happening, it paves the way for technologies ethical dilemmas to happen. Such dilemmas face humanity as we ponder our existence among such technological revolutions. As we reflect on […]

Ethical Companies

Companies invest decades in improving their reputation and uphold ethical practices. A single scandal or a corrupt corporate culture, however, might permanently harm the company’s reputation. In other cases a company might strive to build a certain brand but in the background could be deeply involved in unethical practices. In this article we are going […]

How to Block Mind Reading Technology

According to several publications, Chinese researchers claim to have created “mind-reading” AI. They allegedly stated that the software might be used to gauge party allegiance in a now-deleted video. Whether these allegations hold true or not, seemingly out-of-the-world concepts like mind reading inevitably makes you wonder how to block mind reading technology. How to Block Mind […]

ethical issues in biometrics

What is biometric identification? It is the process through which unique biological characteristics are used in biometric identification to recognize and validate a person. These characteristics can be found in facial traits, eye structures, DNA, fingerprint patterns, and even handwriting. All this data that can be gathered on an individual inevitably brings up the ethical […]

Digital Totalitarianism

Social media, the internet, and other digital tools, which were once hailed as great forces for human empowerment, connectivity, and liberation, have quickly come to be seen as a serious threat to democratic stability and human freedom. Social media platforms are demonstrating the potential to exacerbate risks such as authoritarian privacy violations, partisan echo chambers, […]

Digital Slavery

If the internet and the videogame industry have shown us anything, it is that where humans go, human vices follow. Violence, sexual assault, abuse, and more, the internet is home to everything that exists in the real world, accentuated by the anonymity and lack of regulation offered on the web. With that, could we see […]


As a virtual world, the Metaverse is bound to witness such inappropriate occurrences. Again, I need to highlight this one more time; the issue is not really the Metaverse here; it is more the people using it and the companies developing it and their inability to protect their users. Sexual abuse in the Metaverse cannot […]

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Online consumption is constantly mounting with the continuous availability and deliverance of the internet. The margin of individuals going online to satisfy their shopping itch is increasing daily, and digital marketing has a massive role to play here. By promoting a particular brand, digital marketing creates a familiar ground between the consumer and the brand […]