Google Introduces Educational AI Models, LearnLM 

Google has introduced LearnLM, a new series of AI models specifically designed for several educational purposes. 

Google has introduced LearnLM, a new series of AI models specifically designed for educational purposes. 

The new series was developed in collaboration between Google’s DeepMind AI research division and Google Research and is considered an extension to the Gemini existing AI models. 

The primary objective of these AI models is to provide students with interactive tutoring experiences, covering a wide range of subjects. Moreover, these models have been already integrated into many Google products, including YouTube, Google’s Gemini apps, Google Search, and Google Classroom. 

James Manyika, the Senior Vice President of Research, Technology, and Society at Google Research, emphasized that LearnLM has a deep knowledge in educational research, which enables it to enhance students’ learning experiences by personalizing the process and engaging them. 

To this end, Google has launched a pilot program in Google Classroom, working with teachers to make the lesson planning process easier. As a result, LearnLM has the ability to assist educators in their search for new educational content, ideas, as well as activities, ensuring the customization of the materials in a way that meets the needs of a specific group of students. 

LearnLM is working on enhancing some features like Circle to Search on Android, which helps users in solving basic math and physics problems. It is also looking forward to expanding its capabilities in order for it to be able to understand symbolic formulas, diagrams, and graphs. 

It is worth mentioning that these AI models have tools that can operate on YouTube, enabling students to have access to academic videos to ask questions, receive explanations, or take quizzes based on the content. 

In the future, LearnLM will allow users to develop their own customized chatbots, which will mainly act as subject matter experts. The chatbots will provide educational advice, practices activities such as quizzes and games, taking into account each student’s preferences. 

In parallel, Google is planning to collaborate with institutions like Columbia Teachers College, Arizona State University, NYU Tisch, and Khan Academy to study whether it is possible or not to apply LearnLM outside of Google’s ecosystem. 

Although these new AI models have promising features, a technical paper related to it showed that it lacks an encouraging tone that motivates students. It also faces difficulties when it comes to identifying correct answers to practice questions, and is vulnerable to hallucinations, generating false facts when responding to prompts. 

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