Less paper more digital: ‘contactless’ solution to be implemented in Spain

Less paper more digital: ‘contactless’ solution to be implemented in Spain

Ironically, Covid-19 has been a period of unprecedented challenges and growth. Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation in ways we could never have imagined. It is believed by experts that our intense shift to digital brought on by the coronavirus has fast-tracked our capabilities well ahead of our time. Innovators and service providers have had to act quickly to present solutions that meet the changing needs of consumers, which is why a more digital-friendly experience that enables daily life to resume – despite social distancing measures – is a crucial area of consideration for any business moving forward.

Spanish Telecoms giant, Telefonica has partnered with startup iUrban to launch an innovative system designed to digitise all the services provided by hotels, restaurants and shops with the aim of minimising personal contact between staff and customers during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. How does the technology work? The solution allows customers to request the establishment’s services via a smartphone or tablet by scanning a QR code without needing to download an app.

According to reports, the Silken hotel chain have implemented the technology in 25 of its hotels across Spain, in just one month – with seven more (Silken) properties expected to implement the solution.

The application provides hotel managers real-time feedback, from which statistics can be obtained, it will allow customers to place orders from the hotel’s dining outlets and other facilities. As well as knowing, the time left for delivery, payment platform and comment options.

Studies show that maximizing direct business is critical, giving it a digital edge is the most profitable strategy for a hotel. Having direct contact with the customer and maintaining the integrity of the brand have much significance, for example, products that go with images and the chance to comment can increase sales by 54%.

Ratings and reviews have become an important factor of influence when planning a trip, dining at a restaurant or staying at a hotel.

Thus, these collaborative efforts in technology are working toward common goals: generating more business, increasing reservations and building customer satisfaction.