The Limitless Pendant, an AI-Wearable with Memory Enhancing Features 

Limitless, one of many AI Startup's, introduced its own unique product, the limitless pendant, designed to be the users’ memory assistant. 

Limitless, on of the many AI Startup’s, has introduced its own unique product, the limitless pendant, designed to be the users’ memory assistant. 

This round shaped, small device is attached to the clothing and acts like a microphone, which makes it capable of recording conversations. These conversations are then uploaded to a secure, encrypted cloud storage and AI processing. 

Furthermore, this memory assistant serves as a transcriber of audio recordings to create a searchable archive. It is also capable of summarizing meetings, or entire days, and even prepare draft emails based on the recorded conversations. 

According to the CEO of the startup, Dan Siroker, this device can enhance the user’s memory and access to information that is beyond what is biologically possible, mentioning his own experience of using this technology to somehow treat his hearing loss. 

Previously known as Rewind, Limitless worked on the development of a special app to search for and summarize online meetings and web browsing. It has also raised more than $33 million from investors, such as Andreessen Horowitz and OpenAI’s Sam Altman. This step to develop such a wearable device represents a logical evolution for the company since Siroker believes that recording and processing of the conversations has a great potential in the future. 

He said: “Personally, I’m in back-to-back meetings, and I want to be 100% focused on the person I’m meeting with,” he says. “I can’t take notes, track action items, prepare for the next meeting without it preventing me from connecting with the person in front of me.” 

To bring this tiny device to life, Limitless teamed up with Ammunition, well-known for its work on designing Beats by Dr. Dre headphones to develop the physical part of the pendant. As for the design team, they worked on the creation of a functional and visually appealing device. Thus, the final design ended up being a circular clip with an array of microphones on the front and a battery capable of 100 hours (about 4 days) of operation on the back.  

The pendant will come in eight colors and includes a subtle LED light that indicates when recording is in progress. The price will of $99, with the first units expected to ship in August. 

On the other hand, the whole process of production of this device took only eight weeks, highlighting the rapid development cycle that according to the CEO demonstrates the efficiency of hardware development compared to software. However, the acceptance and adoption of AI startups that have created wearables of such pendant remain uncertain as the technology continues to evolve. 

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