When Microsoft 365 Services Take a Break

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On Monday, June 5, Big Tech giant Microsoft decided to take a little break for 8 hours. The break, a reference to a global outage of course, spread to reach all of the giant’s business tools, such as Teams, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Outlook, and other Office 365 services.

Not only that. But one day following the outage, Microsoft went to Twitter to confirm that the same issue had again emerged on Tuesday morning.

Oh, the joys of technology. Right?

The Microsoft 365 outage, which caused quite a commotion – to say the least, led users to vocalize their discontent in a Reddit thread. Users experienced the first outage at around 10:00 ET on Monday, where they expressed on various social media platforms that they couldn’t access their emails or other Microsoft 365 services.

But alas! There’s more.

Just a couple of hours later, after the problem was ‘resolved’ by the giant, the same bundle of services was hit once again.

Microsoft?! Are you okay?

The tech titan acknowledged these issues with an open heart, releasing a statement saying:

“We’re seeing a recurrence of the issue and a drop in service availability, so we’re applying mitigations to provide relief for the affected users, while we continue to investigate the root cause. We’ll be providing updates related to this event under MO572252 in the admin center.”

Now, while Microsoft tried to keep its cool and de-escalate this situation (a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point), Office customers did not share the same sentiment.

Voices of frustration and concern about the way this matter was handled by the giant were expressed on social media platforms.

One specific customer took to Twitter, saying “Already we lost our production yesterday and today also it started. When will you resolve this issue permanently? Everyone’s business is affected by your incapability.”

Yikes! I think the only thing missing now is the lit torches and the angry crowds outside Microsoft’s headquarters.

While we do understand that these disruptions have had a remarkable effect on businesses worldwide, customers still have faith in the tech giant’s capacity to permanently resolve this issue and find a permanent solution.

Once and for all.

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