Microsoft Brings AI To Its Notepad App

The intorduction of Microsoft AI: Cowriter Unveiling detected by keen-eyed Windows enthusiasts in the latest Windows 11 beta versions.

Microsoft introduces AI to its Notepad app, unveiling the upcoming ‘Cowriter’ feature, detected by keen-eyed Windows enthusiasts in the latest Windows 11 beta versions. While not officially announced, Cowriter showcases AI prowess, allowing users to effortlessly modify text style, length, and format. Similar to the Cocreator feature in the Paint app, Cowriter employs a credit system, requiring online connectivity and a Microsoft account.

Although Microsoft has not disclosed credit costs, speculations arise about potential charges once free credits are depleted, akin to Bing’s DALL·E image generation. Certain individuals testing Windows have had a sneak peek at the interface of Cowriter, suggesting that Microsoft is employing a promotional strategy for the new Notepad feature, drawing parallels to the tactics applied for promoting Copilot in Office apps.

Anticipated for beta testing, Cowriter follows Notepad’s recent enhancements like the dark mode, tabs, character count, autosave, and as well as tab restoration. This aligns with Microsoft’s broader initiative to integrate AI features directly into Windows apps, potentially leading users to invest in AI credits. Interestingly, the longstanding WordPad is reportedly being phased out.

In the larger context, Microsoft embraces 2024 as the ‘year of AI-powered computers,’ evident in upcoming developments such as the Copilot button on new Windows keyboards and the Hudson Valley AI update for Windows, promising deep AI integration throughout the OS. Exciting times lie ahead.

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