Hyundai Data Breach Via WhatsApp

Hyundai Data Breach Hyundai Data Breach Via WhatsApp

Hyundai Motor India fixed a bug through web links that were shared via WhatsApp in the South Asian market. Customers’ personal data was exposed. The information that was compromised includes phone numbers, addresses, and names.

Hyundai, What’s Going On?

The bug resided in the web links that were shared with customers through WhatsApp after the vehicle servicing process had been completed for the victim. The information leaked was detailed, extending to vehicle details such as the registration number, color, engine number, and mileage.

How weak are Hyundai’s security measures to allow such an irresponsible action?

On Thursday, Hyundai Motor India spokesperson Siddhartha P. Saikia said the company would provide a statement. When shared via email, the statement read: “We understand the importance of safeguarding our customers’ data and accordingly strive to create robust systems and processes. Furthermore, these systems are periodically reviewed and updated as needed. The Repair Order/Invoice link is shared only on the mobile number registered by the customer, once they have opted in to receive such updates. These are system-generated links without any human involvement. Hyundai assures continued efforts to safeguard the interests of its customers.”

When this vulnerability was disclosed to Hyundai, its subsequent action to start fixing the bug within a week suggests that it is trying to work on minimizing the harm resulting from the data breach. But isn’t it too late?

It’s Unknown

The incident has affected customers’ trust and has raised some precautionary measures, such as vigilance towards suspicious emails and phone calls. It also serves as a reminder for companies to prioritize the implementation of robust systems to protect customer information.

Now, the good news is making headlines: the bug has been completely fixed, according to TechCrunch. The following introduction from Hyundai themselves says a lot about the company: “Hyundai Motor Company has served as the trailblazer of Korea’s automobile industry since rolling out its Pony, developed with its own exclusive technology. Hyundai Motor Company has risen as a globally recognized automobile manufacturer that exports its branded vehicles to over 200 countries. It is equipped with production bases around the world.”

So, this raises questions about Hyundai Motor India’s security measures and underestimates the power that security researchers hold, demonstrating how they can be instrumental in such buggy cases.

Not done yet. Now, onto WhatsApp. What’s going on? It’s not only Hyundai’s fault; WhatsApp also holds accountability in this matter. What do you think?

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