WhatsApp Is Revealing Too Much, 2024 Hold on to Your Socks!  

WhatsApp Features 2024

Meta is flooding us with its generosity by working on three new upcoming WhatsApp features that are going to be rolled out in 2024. It seems that WhatsApp is not holding back in updating its platform.

To start with the first username feature that took our phone numbers, sorry I mean our breath away … Now, I am going to ask you for your nickname to replace your phone number.

“Users will soon be able to personalize their profiles and easily connect with others using a unique identifier,” according to the WABetaInfo website.

Same from FB to WhatsApp

Users now can post the same reel on Instagram with a click from WhatsApp, akin to the process of sharing posts, stories, etc. from Facebook to Instagram. With a single snap, everything you are sharing on WhatsApp can be on Instagram and Facebook as well. So, all three are in one kind of cross-platform sharing process.

“This suggestion will appear through a convenient shortcut presented to users immediately after posting a new status,” added WABetaInfo.

So, Meta is trying to benefit all the users by posting content on all its platforms to save time, particularly for content creators, who need the time and the energy to be consumed on brainstorming another idea for a new post.

Music to your Ears During a Video Call

WhatsApp is working on the third feature to share music while on a video call through a screen-sharing option. This gives the chance for the users to not share the screen only but the audio as well, thus enhancing media collaborations.

This feature was recently established on Android with WhatsApp beta update.

In 2024, WhatsApp is prioritizing improvements in communication, collaboration, and user empowerment. I totally understand the approach and the aim of WhatsApp but this one in here seems to be a little bit… I am going to keep it for you guys, have a look.

You can watch your favorite movie on WHATSAPP! From a text-based platform to THIS!

It seems a little bit too much, doesn’t it? I think am going to miss the good old days of WhatsApp. What do you think? Will you, do it? Or would you prefer to watch movies in the traditional way?

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